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Knights of St Columba Key Dates

1919 Formation of the Knights of Saint Columba on 5th October 1919, at the Central Halls, Bath Street, Glasgow.

1920 The Order expands into England with the first Council being erected in Liverpool.

1923 Leeds Province founded

1923 Launch of the Columba Magazine.

1927 Daily Mass Crusade for all Knights of St Columba Councils initiated.

1932 Participation of 2000 Knights at the 31st Eucharistic Congress in Dublin

1936 First Annual Pilgrimage to Iona.

1938 10,000 Knights take part in the 'Silent March' against Atheism and Communism, in London.

1939 The establishment of 'Hostels for the Forces' in London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham, Llandudno and Malta.

1947 Opening of the International KSC Residential Club in London.

1948 Opening of St John's Hostel for boys in Leeds.

1950 Stewarding of the celebrations, marking the centenary of the restoration of the Hierarchy of England, held at Wembley Stadium.

1952 KSC participation in the Catholic Initiative for 'Self-Help Building'

1954 500th Council erected at Cockfosters, London.

1950 Establishment of the National Holy Week poster campaign

1959 The 'Quiet Campaign' leading to the amendment of the Obscene Publ. Act.

1963 Involvement in the 'Freedom from Hunger' campaign

1966 Italian Floods Relief campaign

1967 Introduction of National Christmas poster campaign

1969 The Golden Jubilee of the Knights of St Columba

1979 The Order celebrates its Diamond Jubilee

1980 Purchase of the Jumbalance for Across Trust

1980 Italian Earthquake Relief Project

1982 Stewarding of Pope John Paul II visit to Britain

1983 Dedication of the Knights' own St Columba Chapel in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

1984 National distribution of the KSC's "Parents and Drugs" awareness booklet

1988 Support for disabled children's Orthopedic Limb Centre in Ghana

1991 Donation of baby resuscitation units to UK hospitals

1998 'Wells for Water' campaign


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