Lancashire Family History links

The whole of Lancashire:

Lancashire Archives and Record Office

Search the Lancashire Archives

CEMSEARCH-uk Monumental inscriptions and gravestones in Lancashire

Lancashire BMD

Lancashire On-Line Parish Clerk Project

Mario - Maps And Related Information Online

Some out of copyright Lancashire Parish Register Society volumes available for download on

The Open Library has some Lancashire Parish Registers free to read or download


Liverpool Record Office

Liverpool & SW Lancs Family History Society

Old Mersey Times (transcriptions from old newspapers)

Merseyside Cemetery maps

Allerton Cemetery, Liverpool

Anfield Liverpool Cemeteries

Toxteth Park Cemetery

West Derby Cemetery, Liverpool, Memorial Inscriptions

St Helens:

St.Helens Local History and Archives Library

Familia St. Helens, Index of records available

St Helens Deceased Search

St Helens Cemetery map

St Helens Roll of Honour

Preston and Central Lancashire:

Pendle and Burnley Branch LFHHS

Preston Branch LFHHS

Some Walton-le-Dale links

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