Sacred Heart & Christ the King

The history of Christ the King Church, Crossflatts

In 1938 Fr. John Hawkswell took charge of Bingley, and his first work was the opening of the Mass centre at the beautiful church of Christ the King in April 1940. The little church, in Crossflatts is a chapel of ease to the Sacred Heart Church, Bingley, and was originally built to serve a new housing estate that the council was proposing to build but the development was eventually switched to Cottingley.

The homely and attractive little church, built by the grandfather of international show jumper Harvey Smith, has still filled a need in the community over its 50 years and its 200 to 250 seats are regularly filled for services.

The church was consecrated on St George’s Day in 1940.

The Bishop of Leeds, the Rt. Rev. David Konstant con-celebrated Mass with the parish priest, Father Ken Taylor, former parish priests and other priests of the diocese.

Playing the organ during the service was be Pat McKenzie who, as a young girl, played the organ at the official opening of the church.

Following the service, a celebration meal had to be served at St Cuthbert’s Church hall, Wilmer Road, Bradford, as unfortunately they were unable to use the hall at the Sacred Heart Church. Woodworm had been discovered and a new floor was being laid.

Another problem facing the Bingley congregation was that the church roof was found to be fatigued. Although the tiles could be re-used, it would require quite a lot of work done to it, including new lathes, felt and lead flashing. The work would cost about £18,000.


Bishop Gerald Moverley concelebrated the Mass for the 40th anniversary of Christ the King on 23rd April, 1980.

At the 50th anniversary of Christ the King, Crossflatts Mass was concelebrated with Bishop Konstant.


Regrettably, the Church of Christ the King, Crossflatts, closed after Mass on Sunday 13th August 2006.


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